"Haunting the Colorado music scene with its acclaimed brand of heartfelt indie folk since 2015, Ghost Revue specializes in anthems designed to make you shed tears into your beer. Formerly known as Tyler Imbrey and the Ghost Review, the band weaves intricate narratives into its lyrics and has toured throughout the United States and the U.K."

“The music by Ghost Revue is by turns harsh and sweet, downcast and uplifting, angry and joyous. They also tend to be smart, both lyrically and musically. It’s kind of their trick, to insinuate themselves slowly over time, appearing at first to be more meditative and less hooky than they actually are. Ghost Revue's recently released album, “Misgivings” is direct with both its words and sounds. That makes sense, given these precarious, and confusing times: There’s not a lot of room for resignation or even patience when it feels like the world is falling apart. Can those things be spun into relevant, redemptive music? That’s tricky business, but in the case of Ghost Revue, turmoil is a potent fuel, and “Misgivings” feels essential, connected, and unflinching. “Misgivings” feels musically rich and textured.”

“This is unquestionably one of those albums that merits headphone listening, with so many brilliant little details – musical doodles and squiggles – that emerge over time and with the kind of close listening that it demands. Along with the darker edginess that runs through the album, there’s also a tangible feeling of uplift, sometimes of sheer euphoria in this music. Those melodic and soaring moments where Tyler Imbrey’s vocals just lift a few tones are one of the project’s greatest pay-offs. And they are most impressive on tracks such as “Poison”, “The Town”, “Old Car” and “Alarm”.”

“Ghost Revue is five-piece American rock band based in Denver. Lead singer Tyler Imbrey’s unique vocals combined with the band’s instrumentals give you the sounds you expect from a rock band with deep and meaningful lyrics. The band is known for their killer live performances and have sold out shows at The Walnut Room and Lost Lake Lounge. Find out more about the band and see where they’ll be performing at next here.”